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VotG9 Eviction Notice

 A Pak38 of either the 518th Infantry or Pz.Jag.Abt.295 in central Stalingrad somewhere about the time period of the scenario. For my next scenario I have the Germans defending central Stalingrad in September 1942.   The 295th Division had had a torrid time and was slowly fighting its way through the mainly ruined central section of Stalingrad East to North East of the main railway station. As often happened to units in Stalingrad the division was slowly becoming wraithlike in both numbers and combat capability.       Wonderful Stuka shot of the Northern part of the central city. The engagement area for this scenario would be immediately to the right. The burning buildings are School No 38 and the L-Shaped House (which can be seen in hexes R9,Q10 and Q11) the buildings by the volga at the top of the photo are the NKVD-Gpu house also on the northen Votg map.   Around the 18th September the Division was pretty thin on the ground and was about to be hit by a serious of