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RO3 - Defenders of Stalingrad Last Two Turns

  The Russians make their assault plans. If we put a ship here success is guaranteed! Russian Turn 5 Start points. The Germans have less of a defence than 'pockets of resistance' The rallies were a mix. A self rallying NKVD squad came back (with a broken side of 10 that’s not a major surprise) and two half squads over in the West of the Hall. The Russians (this turn at least) have an equally serious shortage of squads so flipped straight to movement. The rallied half squad with the Demolition Charge from the administration building attempted to force fire and failed then an NKVD 6-2-8 moved next to S22 in T22 in an attempt to use the interior wall to force HTH again. The S22 squads could not see them but the squad with MMG in  R21 could and it broke them and rated. Unfortunately for me the shot also caused a smoke stack sniper who then pinned the 1st line MMG squad in S23 Next the second available NKVD unit moved into the debris between the halls at T23. This could be seen by t

RO3 - Defenders of Stalingrad Turn 4

Why is everyone standing in the open... Russian Turn Four Not many rallies really and all unsuccessful. What was more successful was the powerful Russian prep fire phase. In the East of the factory both the forward German defenders and Lieutenant Freitang were broken by prep fire. This allowed Commissar Ramzon and the squad he just rallied to sprint out of the factory and move behind the newly broken squads. The remaining unbroken German squad in Z26 failed to prevent this with a lovely 11 roll on a flat 4 attack. Yuck. In one fell swoop the NKVD have stabilised the East of the factory and will wipe out almost the entire force there and I had such high hopes for the indomitable officer there... In the West of the factory things continued to be bad with the flamethrower officer breaking. After more Russians moved to the center of the action the German defensive fire phase was almost a damp squib. A succession of decent firepower shots caused some decent morale checks (3MC!) and the Russ