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RO3 - Defenders of Stalingrad Turn 3

 Russian Turn Three The sudden realisation that loads of units should have gained concealment was retrospectively applied (this game is so complex and easy to forget stuff) and then the turns rolled on. Russian shooting was pathetic as ever but during the movement phase the Germans were equally ineffective - not bad shots though - plenty of threes and fives,  but this time the Russians were passing their tests. It also generated no less than four sniper rolls with two being the more effective (and funky) smokestack snipers actually managing to break an 8--3-8 in Q22. Its quite thematic, the smoke stack sniper, and more effective than the normal. By the end of the Russian movement Soviet units had managed to move next to no less than six German squads so bar an unexpectedly horrific defensive fire phase should be able to generate favourable combats and at least whittle the Germans down.  During the German phase I decided to self break the flamethrower squad. Lightning is unlikely to str