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HF4 - Liehr Launches First

  Yea! Back to playing and with the next best thing to ftf, voice with boards. For the moment I am getting some games with an opponent from about 3 years back who is considerably stronger than I am. This tends to result in 'I can win if I am lucky or he is unlucky, lose marginally if luck evens out and lose badly if luck is his way'. He is very knowledgeable with the rules though so there will be very few losses due to misunderstandings. The scenario we are trying first is 'HF4 Liehr Launches' first from the 'Hatten in Flames' campaign so I also get to play on the lovely winterised map. Looks inviting. Setup I was given the attacking Germans. The setup restrictions mean that it's one  of those games where the placement and potential revealing of the U.S Tank Destroyers is absolutely key and though the Germans seem to have plenty of force to overwhelm the defenders this will be much harder than it looks. One thing to note is that this is a 1945 Scenario so my