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HF1 - Black Day in Hatten Reprise

  We are returning to this scenario, which I have played once before ( here though I note I gave it the wrong scenario number), as we continue inside the Hatten campaign scenarios. I am the controlling the defence and this time am trying out the potentially more risky forward defence. My flanks are basically open and should the American attackers wish to sweep round either then that is fine. I would switch to holding the more forward victory buildings.  Setups Yet another thrilling setup shot.  The American do look like they are concentrating on the more open left side with plenty of nasty smoke opportunities looking likely to come my way along with a nasty kill stack in M12 (2 6-6-7s+medium machine guns and the 9-1) US Turn One to US Turn 2 In my last play of this scenario the US attacker took his time amassing massive firepower and force advantages and slogged his way through the town. In the end this approach was too slow and I won that. This opponent has followed a very different