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RO3 - Defenders of Stalingrad - Setup and Turn 1

  What a crap place to fight Change in blog report style here. I will be writing a detailed AAR (more detailed than normal) but to avoid reader fatigue will be reporting in half turns or full turns at most so there will be multiple smaller updates. It will be interesting if people like (or hate) it.  Anyway I do love a Stalingrad Campaign map scenario and this medium sized scenario has a small zone of operations and a funky setup structure that nicely enforces the mess of attack/defence that city fighting could get to. The scenario uses a more complex phased set up structure with firstly the basic defenders being forced to setup all over their defensive factory. The German defenders get to setup next and they can populate any factory location which is more than 1 hex away from any Russian (and over hex 20). This means if the Russian in step one does not step out then the Germans can popup behind them, above them  basically all over the place - perhaps the Russians would desire this but