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ASL 245 The Time of Humiliations

The Japanese sweep forward. Hopefully.. otherwise I will have lost the game. This has a great scenario title and without context I instantly think of teenage attempts to 'date' 'the time of humiliations' fits perfectly...Or perhaps the amount of games you lose when learning the system...And erm after learning the system. Actually this references a bad period for the Vichy French Army in Indochina though to be frank I am a little at a loss for anything that would not be a bad period for the Vichy French. Perhaps when they prevented British raids in the Middle East. Anyway, my lack of knowledge about this particular armies World War Two's history aside, this sees a large force of decent Vichy French (the 3rd Battalion 9th Colonial Infantry) holding either a village or preventing exit of a third larger force of Japanese - 5th Canton Infantry Division (quality wise the Japanese are an even mix of 1st and 2nd line troops). Both sides have tanks. Well the Japanese have so

Newbie Do - Rules Deep Dive - Critical Hits

The Rules are (sometimes) a terrifying prospect for beginners in ASL and early games can often be spent desperately trying to find what, where and how they should be applied to very diverse situations. As a positive the most common scenarios are quickly picked up (and are easily learnt in the starter kits) but every player is forever learning various situations that are not, perhaps, immediately apparent. These Rules Deep Dives are therefore intended to cover very specific rules which can sometimes be misunderstood.  The ITT Critical Hit This particular post covers how to check if you have a Critical Hit if using the Infantry target type. The first thing to remember about ITT critical hits is that they are much much easier to get than vehicular critical hits. The reason (to me) seems quite simple. When shooting ITT then you are shooting at flesh and bone and not armour therefore any hit 'close' can do damage but the chances of the blast, shrapnel, other such destruction is much