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ASL119 - Showdown in Syria

 For the third time in a row I have a strongish infantry force defending against a combined arms attacking force. This time I am representing the Indian army with a mixed force of the 3/1 Punjab and 4/6 Rajpunta Rifles being attacked by the Vichy French 7eme Chasseurs de Africa in Syria. Setup was challenging mainly because I seem to have lost my Croix de Guerre overlay sheets and this game uses an enormous stream from them and due to me utterly misreading and cocking up the entire thing. The overlay was dealt with thanks to the TexasASL site and printed around 15 times until I managed to get the size correct (it's a bugger with such a big item). The setup cock ups weren't of course. Anyway Assuming two crossings over the river I blocked both with wire to make it extra difficult for vehicles to cross (the French vehicles cannot enter any of the other stream hexes) with the final wire blocking the semi-concealed approach to a risky outbuilding against the victory hex. The fortif