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RO3 - Defenders of Stalingrad Turn 2

Continuing my 'slow and detailed AAR' we now cover turn two. For those who have forgotten the previous post is here . The Russians went all in turn one with a furious attack which was primarily repulsed. The advantages gained from the slaughter were the NKVD getting into Hall 4 (the Martin Oven) and the Russians getting a toehold at the Eastern end with the Germans broadly holding the center and surrounding southerly halls.  Russian Turn Two Rallies went well for the Soviets with a large percentage of broken units coming back. The Germans had a 'worse' phase managing to unblock the Heavy machine gun but rally absolutely no units. This meant the Soviets could apply pressure again. Bar the ineffectual kill stack and the equally ineffectual foxhole based 6-2-8 in the road at Y27 all the Soviets available infantry moved to try and drag fire and things went well. In the West of the factory the German heavy machine gun armed 8-3-8 in N21 could have badly damaged the attacking