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J130 The art of dying

  Wrong front (Albania) wrong year but a nice photo of Alpini It's 1942 and we have the rare ASL sight of decent(ish) Italians launching at attack against Soviet defenders. With tanks… With radios… Bit of a shock really. This scenario places its expected modes of operation very clearly in play. We have a small group of not so good Russian defenders (who at least have plenty of shiny anti tank weaponry and two decent guns). These are being forced to defend a limited deploy zone in a village. The Italians start close with surprisingly motivated troops from the elite Alpini Vestone Regiment who actually have some demolition charges and a flamethrower and no less than 5 L6/40 light tanks. They have to take the village with the threat of a larger, more skilled, Russian reinforcement group who have two crap tanks of their own (T60 M40s) but have to cover a huge swathe of open ground to help the village defenders. The Russians also are packing no less than two Commissars. Setup  The Russi